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As a sales coach, my goal is to help you sell without having to feel weird. Simple.

50% Complete

Ready to Jump into Module 1?

Enter your email and dive into the first lesson all about simplifying your sales.

You will receive updates from us about this and other Academy courses. No weird stuff, promise.


Module #1: Simplify Your Selling

In the first lesson, you will start with how you can simplify your process and focus on what counts, regardless of what your experience level is. You will also learn some of the key mistakes you may be making that could be holding you back. And some ways you can take action TODAY.

Module #2: How to Open & Connect

In the second lesson, you will dive into how to effectively catch the attention of today's buyer and cut through all the noise and BS. Whether you are prospecting outbound or have a solid inbound strategy, this will help you stand out and connect much faster. We will also talk about pre-call prep.

Module #3: Questions & Insights

Lesson 3 is all about building trust through effective sales conversations. Are you asking the best questions or are you simply relying on some canned pitch? Questions are everything. Also, you will be asked to think about ways you can show how you think differently and create insights that stop your customers in their tracks.

Module #4: Present Your Offer

How you position your offer is the key in lesson 4. How can you show your unique difference and help your customer see your true value? You will learn some of the keys to standing above the crowd and making your offer irresistible s well as pricing psychology.

Module #5: Influence Action

In the last lesson, you will see what elements need to be in place to get your prospective customers to jump and be excited to make that decision to buy from you. As well, we will go over a few important phrases and ways to ensure they will take action.

"I didn't even have my business fully launched and I was terrified of making sales calls. Working with Joe even in the first month, shifted my fear and allowed me to get excited about reaching out to potential customers. I don't know when, if ever, I would have been able to grow my business this fast. If I didn't do this, I would have been just like all the other coaches out there struggling to find clients."

Codie McQuay
Codie McQuay Immanence Coaching

"We constantly work on mindset with our clients and help them break through barriers, but when it comes to sales, Joe and his team absolutely CRUSH it helping people with a deep understanding of psychology, process and...well...mindset. If you haven't worked with Joe, you are missing out!"

Andy Murphy
Andy Murphy Mindset by Design

"I just finished the course on Asking the Best Questions and the insight it gave me has helped me be more comfortable in promoting my own business, working with customers, and getting feedback that I really know what I'm talking about. I'm definitely building some great sales skills."

Avroham Gottheil
Avroham Gottheil SimiPlex Technologies, LLC

"I'm really strong, technically, but what I've found is that when it comes to sales, I need some help. I've been overwhelmed with the pressure of sales and the Academy has helped me reduce that overwhelm, get focused, and simplified everything. I started this business because I'm good at something, not because I am good at sales."

Tim Dive
Tim Dive Resume FX

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