Sales Hero Masterclass

Learn how to develop best practices, understand human psychology, and build a bulletproof mindset.

Course Summary

This course gives you an overall look at how to structure your sales process. Take the time to understand some of these fundamentals before you dive into some of the deeper programs.

Course Curriculum

Joe Girard

Hey I’m Joe. 

People usually come to me to help them sell more, have fun, and to make things way less complex. I would say I combine a mix of sales expertise, education, and leadership development to enable more professionals to become what I call “Sales Heroes.”

I am just a regular guy who got started in sales many years ago and built a 20 year career as a top performer in private education selling courses, became a manager, a corporate trainer, and then decided to start a business. What was I thinking?

You may have heard of "Worlds Greatest Salesman," Joe Girard, who's in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling cars. Pretty cool, right? Well that aint me. Great for SEO though, haha! I found out years ago that as I shared ideas through blogs, videos, podcasts, online courses, there were unlimited people out there with similar challenges I could help them with. And that's what gets me pumped. And exactly why I create courses and resources.

You can find me through my consulting business Change Grow Achieve

Now, I get to travel the world, work with all sizes of companies, dive into tons of crazy projects, and essentially help rid the world of "salesy weirdos."

My biggest realization is that there is always a better way. A simpler way. A more fun way to do things. And the best part has to be the amazing people I get to do my work with. So come join me in the Academy and let's sell some stuff together.

Tim Dive

Resume FX

"I'm really strong, technically, but what I've found is that when it comes to sales, I need some help. I've been overwhelmed with the pressure of sales and the Academy has helped me reduce that overwhelm, get focused, and simplified everything. I started this business because I'm good at something, not because I am good at sales."