We are committed to your sales success and want you to get access to a library of training, resources, and support that will help you achieve your goals. Watch the video to learn more. We are in this together.


Sales is a skill, not an art.

And like any complex skill, it can be learned. Whether you are looking to sharpen your existing skill set or have never sold before, the Sales Hero Academy has the tools and resources you need to reach your goals. Members from around the world are reaching their goals with the support of our training and community. Everyone can learn to sell...

And the real heroes are the ones who stop selling and simply help more people buy from them.


Make it YOUR own sales training library. Let's face it, there is no shortage of information out there as you try to hone your skills. And everyone has a different business, market, or stage they are at. There are no "one size fits all" solutions. The Academy was designed with that in mind, has courses for every skill level, and lets you focus on the strategies YOU want to learn. So whether you are just starting out or have decades of experience, you can jump in and get to work.

100 lessons so far,

Even if it is a quick tip, we have something for everyone. Use this as an ongoing resource to sharpen your sales skills

almost 30 hours of content,

We took the best content from our workshops and created videos and modules you can follow without having to leave your home. 

6 different workbooks you can access.

We've included supporting guides you can download, print, and make a part of your ongoing sales improvement plan


Real professionals invest in themselves. The crazy thing is...learning to sell the right way can give you the highest return on investment over any other type of training.

If you want to create long-term relationships with your clients, make your life easier, and have fun growing your business predictably, you will love this stuff!

Ask yourself these quick questions...

  • Can you easily communicate your value?
  • Do you have a process for reducing and overcoming objections?
  • How well do you fully understand your customers?
  • Do you have a tested contact strategy you follow using multimple media channels?
  • Do you have well-documented best practices?
  • Have you designed your best leverage questions?
  • How often are you 100% sure in your sales calls?
  • How much human behavior have you studied?
  • Have you ever invested in professional sales training?


We are right in the middle of what I like to call the "unselling revolution" where those who invest in themselves to learn how to sell authentically and build REAL trust with their customers can reap the rewards.

Good news, your timing couldn't be better to take this training. With all the noise that's out there right now, there's a massive opportunity waiting for you if you develop your sales skills...and...customers who want to buy! If you invest the time to understand your customer, learn how to have professional conversations, and create best practice systems, you will be miles ahead of your competition. can do it all without having to work harder, be manipulative, or discount your value.

Give yourself an unfair advantage...

  • 55% of the people who sell to make a living don’t have the right skills to be successful. Get the skills.

Control your future...

  • Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per person. Create a lifelong training plan.

Leverage the knowledge of others...

  • Without reinforcement those who take a course will lose 87% of what they learned within a month. Join the private community.
10K+ Impacted

We've worked with thousands of people as members, workshop participants, and clients, helping them sell every day.

100+ Lessons

We've taken the best of our client training and packaged it for you on-demand. With even more to come!

10x Increase

When you apply these skills, take the time to make it your own, and focus on long term growth, you will see the results of your hard work.

ANY Industry or Skill Level

Whether you're just starting out or have decades of experience, this will work for you. And it doesn't matter what you sell, if you're B2B, B2C, or BBKing. 


All your training is accessible in your online portal and once you are logged in, you will have immediate access to high quality, easy to consume video modules. Work through step-by-step training featuring speakers, slides, and screencasts that you can take action on immediately. All the courses have been developed specifically for large corporate clients, so you get all the goods at a fraction of the cost!

The Sales Hero Masterclass alone would have been a two day corporate event for $20,000.

SAMPLE COURSE LESSON: How the Brain Buys & Objection Prevention

Time to step up your psychology and influence game! As we learn more about neuroscience and how the brain actually makes decisions, it becomes quite clear that many people are simply selling the wrong way. We will show you how to make sure you get and keep attention when speaking with prospective customers.

Don't "handle" objections, stop them in their tracks before they start!

SAMPLE COURSE OVERVIEW: The Sales Conversation Roadmap

Create a repeatable process for getting your customers to take action WITHOUT having to build a robotic script. Based on fundamental psychology principles and years of testing in the real world, it will prepare you for any sales conversation - from 5 minutes to any length.

What you can repeat, you can improve. This is a FULL course in the Academy.

Oh may have a burning question...(ahem) excuse...

We want the right people as members of our programs and community, so make sure this is a good fit. But don't let that last little bit of worry stop you from diving in.

I'm not a "salesperson." Can the Sales Hero Academy work for me?

The truth is, we're all in sales. It's all about how humans connect with each other and more importantly, helping give value to our customers. No matter what your business or your role, learning these sales skills will give you a massive edge in your career and business.

I'm an entrepreneur and don't really have a sales team. Will this still make sense to me?

These courses are designed to make sense, no matter what you already know. We didn't want to over-complicate the material with unnecessary jargon or too much technical stuff. There are definitely some advanced modules, but we know your goal is to attract and retain customers. And you will.

I've been in sales a long time and am an experienced pro. What can you teach me?

As a sales pro, you are always looking for an edge. We have taken the best of the resources we've found over the years, the extensive training we have given corporate clients, and the real-world experience in the trenches and worked hard to make sure that high performers like you can take action on the latest advances. We're sales people first, trainers second.


As a member of the Sales Hero Academy, we want you to have answers to your questions when they arise. We try to get back to people as quickly as possible so you can focus on selling. Our mission is to help you win, plain and simple. Many of our clients have even been members who were ready to level up!

Regular Updates

As we build new content for clients and get feedback from the community, we will add courses and resources you can access as a member.

Wonderful Team

We work with a number of amazing professionals who are happy to help us create content that helps you take your sales game to the next level.


Most of the best answers will come from the people in the same boat as you, so tap into the knowledge of others who are working in the field too.


However we can help you sell, please reach out and let us know. The main goal of this project is to be a resource to help you win, not just courses. 


Don't just take our word for it!

"I'm really strong, technically, but what I've found is that when it comes to sales, I need some help. I've been overwhelmed with the pressure of sales and the Academy has helped me reduce that overwhelm, get focused, and simplified everything. I started this business because I'm good at something, not because I am good at sales."

Tim Dive
Resume FX

"Wow, my team is on fire now from the great training and content! You're part superhero or something. Your approach with sales and marketing has definitely helped me get laser-focused. Thankyouthankyou!"

Keira Shumuk
Be Real Fit Personal Training

"Joe is one of the most knowledgeable sales professionals I have ever met. He totally understands how to quickly identify customer problems and provide solutions - in any market.

Insights into all areas of business have dramatically increased performances in a very short time. And he is super-fun to work with!"

Jesse McClinton
Alter Ego Marketing Group

"I never thought it would be this easy to sell my services and have so much fun. By not worrying about money as much, I made 10x more this year than I did last year!"

Nicole Cuillierrier
Chaderbaks Marketing


We went crazy this year and dropped the price down to make this the easiest decision you could make regarding sales training. Our goal is to give you things to take action on, so you're ready to join our VIP programs. After we do this next phase of the big membership push, we will put the price back up. So lock it in now. (Note: all prices in USD)



Keep costs low and get to work


  • Comprehensive online course list
  • Resources and tools
  • Online private community
  • Downloads and swipe files
  • Access to the affiliate program


One time price (Best Deal)

$277 for life

  • One fee...LIFETIME access
  • All the same features as the other plans
  • Access to course updates
  • 30 minute coaching session ($500 value)

"I didn't even have my business fully launched and I was terrified of making sales calls. Working with Joe even in the first month, shifted my fear and allowed me to get excited about reaching out to potential customers. I don't know when, if ever, I would have been able to grow my business this fast. If I didn't do this, I would have been just like all the other coaches out there struggling to find clients."

Codie McQuay
Immanence Coaching

"We constantly work on mindset with our clients and help them break through barriers, but when it comes to sales, Joe and his team absolutely CRUSH it helping people with a deep understanding of psychology, process and...well...mindset. If you haven't worked with Joe, you are missing out!"

Andy Murphy
Mindset by Design

"The ink is still wet on my sign up form and I've already gotten massive value. The resources I've gained access to through Joe will save us hundred (maybe even thousands) during our startup phase. We are thankful to know that as our team grows we will be able to take each member through this training to become a Hero, because Weirdos aren't allowed on our team!"

Lindsay Plumb
MOOLA Financial Coaches & Advisors Inc

"I just finished the course on Asking the Best Questions and the insight it gave me has helped me be more comfortable in promoting my own business, working with customers, and getting feedback that I really know what I'm talking about. I'm definitely building some great sales skills."

Avroham Gottheil
SimiPlex Technologies, LLC


- Your Personal Sales Performance Coach

Hey, this is Joe Girard and I've been doing sales training, coaching, and consulting for well over a decade. I've worked with some pretty awesome companies around the world (large and small) to help them achieve their sales goals and have fun at the same time. One thing has always been missing though...making sales training accessible to everyone. My mission is to create a sales movement and help you get back to basics. To have fun helping your customers buy from you! Let's get to work growing your business and create a powerful Sales Hero mindset that will separate you from your competition and make buyers chase YOU! I get excited helping people like you realize their true sales potential. Join me  and let's sell authentically together.


100% Satisfaction guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the content in the Academy, we offer a "don't sweat it," 30 Day, money-back guarantee. Simply login or contact us and we will refund you and cancel your account in the first month. To be honest, we don't want a bunch of bad referrals, so we would rather we left on good terms. Yah, there will be some people who take advantage of this, but oh well. There is GOLD in the content once you are inside, so join! Give yourself a chance to succeed. If you choose a recurring payment option, you can always cancel anytime.


If you're this far on the page, you know you wanna! Join, pick one idea to test, and start selling...TODAY.

Still not quite ready? Download the Asking the Best Sales Questions guide

How about a FREE resource to kick off our friendship?
Hey, maybe you don't know, like, or trust me yet. That's cool. I rocked out a 12 page killer guide on sales questions you can check out for free. Easy peasy. It is the guide we use in the Questions course.